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2022 EggTrack Report

Use this tool to track company progress toward their cage-free egg commitments.

Download (PDF 4.04MB)

2021 ChickenTrack Report

ChickenTrack is a progress-tracking tool designed to help companies navigate the shift to improve the welfare of broiler chickens in their supply chains.

Download (PDF 3.25MB)

The tenth annual Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

The tenth annual Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report reveals that while companies continue to invest in animal welfare, they are too slow in delivering…

Download (PDF 1.40MB)

2021 EggTrack Report

Compassion in World Farming's latest EggTrack report shows that supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent companies and producers around the world…

Download (PDF 10.06MB)

Breaking the Taboo: Why Diets Must Change to Tackle Climate Emergency

Compassion's new report sets out the clear scientific case that without urgent action, we will be unable to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Download (PDF 0.57MB)

Octopus Farming: A Recipe for Disaster

This report underlines the environmental and ethical concerns of factory farming these uniquely intelligent creatures.

Download (PDF 10.87MB)

Food System Impacts on Biodiversity Loss

A new Chatham House report—launched in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and Compassion in World Farming—presents key steps to preserving biodiversity.

Download (PDF 0.82MB)

Welfare of GM and cloned animals

'Welfare of genetically modified and cloned animals used in food'. Objectively explaining and discussing current knowledge regarding welfare implications for animals, in…

Download (PDF 1.12MB)

Nutrition report

Is there a definitive link between welfare and nutrition? Having looked at the findings from over 200 studies based on the relationship between the welfare of the animals and the…

Download (PDF 1.28MB)

Food Sense

Food sense: Compassion proposes a common sense approach to feeding the world. One of the most important challenges of our time is how to feed a growing world population at a time…

Download (PDF 1.76MB)

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