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News Icon 10/31/2022

Why we need cage-free eggs

Cage-free eggs are becoming more popular among consumers. But is "cage-free" really better for animals?

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News Icon 10/26/2022

Wickedly Tasty Plant-Based Treats

Whatever activities you'll be enjoying this fall, a plant-based, seasonally-inspired treat is the perfect way to top off a great fall day. Here are some of our favorite, frightfully decadent finds.

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News Icon 10/18/2022

Animal Agriculture's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Explained

Here, we break down factory farming's greenhouse gas emissions and how, with coordinated action, we can help protect both animals and our climate.

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News Icon 10/13/2022

“Cage-free” must live up to its name

As the nation—and the world—transitions to a 100% cage-free egg supply, we must ensure "combination cages" are not part of the equation.

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News Icon 10/11/2022

Everything you need to know about the Proposition 12 US Supreme Court case

The scoop on the strongest farmed animal protection law anywhere in the world and why it's now in danger.

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