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News Icon 4/28/2022

How smart is “smart agriculture?”

Instead of putting VR headsets on cows or ankle bracelets on pigs, we need to learn lessons from the past that can be applied for a truly smarter future.

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News Icon 4/22/2022

Saving the planet through our stomachs: how our diets contribute to climate change and what we can do about it.

Reducing meat, egg, and dairy consumption is one of the easiest and strongest levers we can use to combat climate change, pollution, and animal abuse.

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News Icon 4/19/2022

8 Easy Tricks to Create Less Waste with Your Plant-Based Diet

How can you end farmed animal suffering, improve your health, slow climate change, AND reduce ocean plastic pollution all at the same time? Use these 8 simple tricks to create less waste with your plant-based diet, today!

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News Icon 4/6/2022

April is Stress Awareness Month – Here’s what animal advocates need to consider

Compassion in World Farming US Executive Director, Ben Williamson, discusses strategies for stress management for animal advocates.

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News Icon 4/3/2022

Protecting Octopuses Before It’s Too Late

Recent interest in octopus farming, especially in Spain, threatens not only the welfare of octopuses but also the health and safety of marine ecosystems.

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