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Press Release Section Icon 11/5/2021

New report warns of climate catastrophe without urgent action to cut meat consumption

Global meat and dairy consumption must be dramatically reduced if we are to avert a climate catastrophe – that’s the clear conclusion of a new report released November 5 at COP26 by the international charity Compassion in World Farming.

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Press Release Section Icon 11/1/2021

Over 100 NGOs and high-profile figures urge world leaders to address the impact of animal agriculture on climate change

As world leaders and a conference of Parties gather in Glasgow for COP26, over 100 NGOs and prominent figures have joined forces to call on national governments to address the impact of food and animal agriculture to avert a climate catastrophe.

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Press Release Section Icon 10/8/2021

Animal welfare campaigners urge Governor Ige to pull support for octopus factory farming

Compassion in World Farming has written to Governor David Ige urging him to withdraw government support for the USA’s only octopus farm.

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Press Release Section Icon 10/8/2021

New report launched on World Octopus Day reveals eight reasons why octopus farming must be stopped

The report— “Octopus Factory Farming – A Recipe for Disaster” —reveals how plans to expand octopus factory farming are bad for animals and our planet.

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Press Release Section Icon 9/21/2021

United Nations Food System Summit is the first of its kind

The UN Food System Summit will focus on what we can do, working together, to transform the way the world produces, consumes, and thinks about food. It's time for the people's summit- and you're invited to take part.

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Press Release Section Icon 8/18/2021

Sprouts Farmers Market Commits to Improving Broiler Chicken Welfare

Sprouts Farmers Market, which has more than 360 stores in 23 states, released an updated animal welfare commitment after two years of discussions with animal welfare organizations such as Compassion in World Farming

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Press Release Section Icon 8/3/2021

Leading Food and Retail Brands Announce Formation of the US Working Group for Broiler Welfare

Seven companies are working with Compassion in World Farming to improve broiler chicken welfare standards

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Press Release Section Icon 4/14/2021

Evaluate Your Plate: A First-Of-Its-Kind Tool for Comprehensive Food Impact

A first-of-its-kind, interactive tool that takes a comprehensive look at what we eat and how it affects the world around us – beyond greenhouse gases. #EvaluateYourPlate

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Press Release Section Icon 3/30/2021

BBFAW 2020: Global food producers lead, US companies lag on animal welfare

The 2020 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare just dropped—see where the biggest food industry players ranked.

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Press Release Section Icon 3/23/2021

New investigation exposes Scottish salmon industry

The biggest ever exposé into the Scottish salmon industry reveals suffering on an industry-wide and endemic scale, breaches in animal welfare legislation, and shocking mortality rates.

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